TEXTURAS: Tradition and Innovation


After 50 years of pampering the centenarian olive trees, the TEXTURAS Range is the end result of a meticulous selection process. Firstly, before picking, only those trees which yield the best quality olives are selected. Later, following the cold mechanical extraction process, and when the oil is safely stored in sealed vats, a quality control is carried out by two independent laboratories, and only the oil which meets the highest standards is used for the TEXTURAS Range.

Bottled on demand so that they retain all their freshly-pressed flavours and aromas, the four TEXTURAS varieties are then beautifully packaged in high-quality airtight tins and dark glass bottles to protect them from the negative effects of exposure to the air and to light.

There are four intensities to compare and contrast: Arbequina, intensity 6 on a scale to ten; ECO, an organic oil of intensity 7; Morisca, intensity 9; and Manzanilla Sevillana, intensity 10


Arbequina, intensity 6


  • An intense aroma of fresh olives
  • A milder taste, ideal for all those who want to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet without strong flavours
  • The colour, taste and aroma of the oil extracted from the Arbequina variety of olives are the perfect choice for those less accustomed to the intensity typical of other varieties of extra virgin olive oil


ECO, intensity 7


  • Every drop of this organically-farmed extra virgin olive oil contains all the passion and respect the local olive producers have for their land and the environment
  • All the flavour of nature and tradition brought to your table, but with a strikingly modern image: the perfect choice for the responsible gourmet wanting to ensure greater sustainability of the natural, social and economic context


MORISCA reserve, intensity 9


  • Produced from the variety of olive known as Morisca, exclusively grown in the southern region of Extremadura, this oil is a well-kept secret
  • Its gleaming deep-green colour is exceptional
  • An intense, perfectly-balanced taste experience
  • With a personality all of its own, it leaves no-one indifferent


Manzanilla Sevillana, intensity 10


  • Conjures up the emotions and sensations of the land where flamenco was born
  • A perfect combination of a sensual green colour, an intensity of taste in the mouth and a slight peppery aftertaste make this product a trip for all the senses