OLEOSETÍN: Pride, Respect…

Oleosetín is an award-winning (CINVE gold medal, Valladolid, Spain, 2015; Mario Solinas International Quality Award 2016, silver medal) unfiltered extra virgin olive oil produced by a small family business in the hills in the north of the region of Extremadura, in the west of Spain. The poor soil and the mild climate are ideal for the farming of the Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees, unique to this part of the world, which have been lovingly and proudly tended for generations. Following in the tradition of their ancestors, the Martín family picks the olives by hand at the perfect moment of ripeness, when the green olive is beginning to turn purple-black (“el envero”). Before the end of the day, the fruit has been cold-pressed and the oil extracted, and it will remain in hermetically-sealed stainless steel tanks, protected from the light, until the day it is bottled.


  • This family-produced limited-production (each bottle is numbered) cold-pressed unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is something extra special
  • Presented in a stylish dark bottle (ref 2010102, 250ml or ref 2010101, 500ml), it is extracted from the Manzanilla Cacereña olive, a variety which can only be found in the north of the region of Extremadura, with its unique contrasting climate of extremely hot summers and cold winters.
  • This well-balanced, smooth, mildly-fruity oil has the aroma of freshly-cut grass, banana, tomato plants and artichoke, with a touch of almond, and a slightly peppery aftertaste