Our Story

heliana_sanchezHeliana Sánchez was born in Argentina and has a background in managing her own quality restaurant. Passionate in everything she does, Heliana brings valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of the food trade: she’s been the buyer in the past, and now she’s being the supplier, so you can expect her to anticipate and understand your every need.



fiona_millerFiona Miller was born in Scotland and has a background in teacher-training and managing her own language school. Having been brought up on wholesome Scottish food, Fiona switched to the Mediterranean diet when she came to live in Spain in the 80s, and has trampled grapes, made chorizos, nosed wine, picked peaches… stopped eating to live and began living to eat!



What brought them together to form their export company Sánchez & Miller?

Both Heliana and Fiona have made Spain their home for over twenty five years, and both say they are lucky to see, know and appreciate their adopted region, Extremadura, from both an insider’s and an outsider’s point of view. They know what Extremadura has to offer, and they sense what would be appreciated elsewhere. The broader vision which comes from having experienced two different cultures, two different lifestyles, leads them to want to share the good things with others. Treasure-hunters of a kind, passionately locating the little gems Extremadura has to offer, and proudly giving others the chance to appreciate them… to see, smell, and taste them!