We are proud to present our award-winning cheeses from the family-run Finca Pascualete estate in Extremadura, Spain, where cheese-making began around the beginning of the 13th century. Today, the cheeses produced are a result of the combination of centuries-old traditions with the most advanced technology and new health regulations, and achieve a unique high quality capable of surprising the most demanding of palates.

Recognized as the third best cheese in the world, and the best cheese from Spain (World Cheese Awards November 2015, Super Gold Award), the RETORTA is creamy in texture, with a well-defined and persistent taste, and is best enjoyed at room temperature by skimming off the top rind and dipping in! Made with raw ewe’s milk, salt, and thistle rennet, this cheese evolves and becomes stronger over time.

The RETORTA comes in mini format (140g) in boxes of six.