Jamón 100% Ibérico de Bellota is the most exquisite of Iberian hams. The black Iberian pigs are free to roam in the dehesa, vast tracts of land in south-western Spain covered in holm-oak trees, heavy with acorns (bellotas) from October to January. During this period known as the montanera, the pigs gorge happily on the sweet acorns, sometimes eating up to ten kilos a day!

Curing is a long slow process of up to 48 months, and requires meticulous attention to ensure that the final product meets the strict requirements of the government´s production regulations. Because of the natural anti-oxidants in the acorns and the unique curing process, the saturated fats in the bellota ham change into healthy mono-unsaturated fats, high in oleic acid. The rich, sweet taste as it dissolves in the mouth is a distinguishing feature of the bellota ham, along with its intense aroma and deep red tone.

Sánchez & Miller´s Selection of Iberian ham is available as a whole piece or in convenient 100g vacuum packs. Also available in whole pieces or in vacuum packs are Iberian loin (lomo), Iberian chorizo and Iberian salchichón.

Recent additions to our range have been the popular Iberian semi-cured blood sausage (morcilla ibérica de sangre) and a local speciality from Extremadura, the patatera, delicious grilled on toast with a drizzle of honey!

All Sánchez & Miller products are available from our distributor in Scotland, Herbie of Edinburgh, Raeburn place, EH4 1HJ. Please contact Andrew Firth on 07766 753646 for further information on stockists in your area.